Female neck and throat is beautiful to be hold, all at once delicate, extremely sensual, completely erotic, and also very vulnerable.

Die folgenden Seiten beschäftigen sich mit den Spielarten von Fetishismus des Strangulierens und erotische Bilder des Würgens, Strangulierens und Drosselns (Erwürgen).

If you are the fan of the beautiful female's neck and throat while being strangled, or strangulation and strangling clips, erotic of strangulation, auto-erotic videos, asphyxia, breath control, carotid holds, and neck fetish art, please start the tour at my neck and throat fetish site.


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This is the fantasy imaging of neck fetish girls, and you can enjoy the neck and throat fetish photo-galleries that are about fantasy of female decapitation, especially strangle fetish games, erotic strangulation and asphyxia (asphyxiation), garrote, choke and garroting of the nice female's neck and throat. All of pictures about girls' erotic strangle not real and are only a breath play games. This all of images are for adults only and if you are under 18, please leave the site.

...And I must to tell: to kill a girl is not glamorous, and it don't make anybody nice, the owner of the site want to tell, that the images and movies about erotic strangle of the female are purely artistic fantasy, no one girl's strangulation was real, and nobody do any advocate violence against anyone and strongly condemn real life violence!

If you are in any interest of erotic asphyxia or strangle fetish games, please be carefully and don't play along. Some of the girls on this site like the erotic strangling and choke each other, but make it sensually and without any forcing.

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