Erotic of female neck and throat in sexual asphyxia, strangle and garrote as fetish writing style

short novels, stories and screan plays follow:


Sinopsys, -

    I looked at her laying there so close, breathing. Breathing I had to stop. I looked at her long slim arm bared and laying on the white satin sheet, her flesh whiter still than it. I watched her breathing, mouth slightly open, her head thrown slightly back, her delicate pale throat disturbed by the faint pulse of life beating beneath, the long slender neck inviting and beautiful.

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Sinopsys, -

    A gorgeous man loving her "to death" with his hands about her neck. Kelly shifted her head about from side to side to better feel the contact of his hands on her neck. She repeated the lifting and lowering of her chin, tensing and relaxing her neck to feel the sensation again of his thumbs pushing increasingly against her wind pipe and in turn penetrating ever deeper into her throat.

    Then, with her head level, she felt the first stab of pain deep in her neck, the first rasp of breath as her air had to struggle through an ever smaller passage to maintain her life.

    It never occurred to sweet naive Kelly Somers to ask herself how it was that this much older man knew so much about extracting pleasure in this strange way.

    And in his turn that much older man could not believe this was real, that this gorgeous young woman could be willingly allowing him to play life's ultimate game with her.

    The feel of that neck in his control, his thumbs entering her soft throat. The delicious feel of the sinews in her long slender neck when she turned her lovely head from side to side.

    The feeling of her strong young pulse beating rapidly at each side of her throat’s depressed centre, the sensation delicious in his hands The thrilling sound of the girl having now to work for her air, the feel of that air passing beneath his thumbs, a feel so sensuous and clear as the vibrations of its laboured passage transmitted through the thin, fragile wall of her throat to his thumbs.

    Kelly lifted her head slightly thus firming her wind pipe against the increase in pressure. Then she softened the structures in her throat by lowering her head again, feeling the thumbs instantly press a little into the fragile interior of her softened neck, a tiny irritation suddenly in her throat.

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«The Diary of Liena Jane Howard»


    He is looking from my throat and his hands up to my eyes, one then the other, as I feel the thumbs come to life at my throat, moving but gently, slowly, only the thumbs pressing and the finger tips digging into my nape, the hands soft and warm about my neck. I know from the feel, from our lectures about how most clients like to strangle their girls that he wants to kill me by taking my air only. He does not want to let me go quickly by stopping blood to my brain.

    His thumbs are pressing deeper now - they are still moving in my neck, seeking the soft place he wants, pressing into my throat.

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